Rules for the Laptops

defaultUsing the laptop computers is a privilege that you are allowed by Miss Mahoney. You must follow the following rules to be able to continue using them. If you are observed not using them in the right way, your privilege to use them will be taken away and you will only be allowed to use the classroom computers. You are very lucky to have this resource, please respect it!

1. Carry and set them down carefully.
They can break easily and are very expensive and time-consuming to fix.

2. Put them in one spot where you intend to work and leave them there.
Do not move them around. Pick a spot and stay there. If you are the second person to use them during centers, use them right where they are and do not move them.

3. If you are going to a site and gray boxes are popping up, ALWAYS click the X in the corner to turn them off.
NEVER click ok or yes; NEVER!!!

4. To shut down you MUST go to the start menu and click Shut Down computer. Then a box will pop up and ask if you want to shut down the computer and you should click yes. (Make sure it turns all the way off before you close it.)
DO NOT just push the button that you use to turn them on!!! This is bad for computers!
(Look at the end of this message for pictures about how to do this.

5. When you put them away walk them carefully back to the cart and PLUG THEM UP in the right spot that matches the number listed on the front.

6. MOST IMPORTANT: If you need help, ask a teacher. DO NOT attempt to "fix" problems on your own.

That's it! Pretty simple really, but I have seen some students not treating these materials with respect. Your teachers and I will be watching and will not hesitate to put you on restrictions from the laptops if you cannot follow these steps.

Ms. Mahoney Smile