Into the Book-Reading Comprehension Strategies

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Research for 4th grade group

Use these sites to collect information about the types of animals we are studying.
Don't forget to cite your sources. Click HERE to learn how.














Tech Team Computer Center

Directions: Visit the site listed on each card and read the webpage. Then answer the questions on the card by writing down the answers. Use the sheet provided to check off each card that you do to keep track so that you don't do the same card twice. You MUST write the answers down and turn them in to get a grade for the center. Hint: Do the CHALLENGE questions for extra credit!

1. Look for the subject at the top middle of the card (Science is just below; scroll down farther for Language Arts)

2. Look for the card number on the bottom, right corner of the card. Click on the links (card numbers) below to go to that site.

3. Read the information on the site and answer the questions on the cards IN COMPLETE SENTENCES.

4. Record the date on your Tech Team sheet in front of the site you have visited.

Science Cards (SC)


SC2-Western Diamondback Rattlesnake

SC3-The Butterfly Zone

SC4-Nova Online/Avalance



SC7-Meteorology Programs: Cloud Boutique

SC8-What's it Like Where You Live?

SC9-Sea World: Coral Reefs


SC11-The World's Biomes

SC12-The Owl Pages

SC13-The Heart: An Online Exploration

SC14-Hurricane Hunters

SC15-Your Weight on Other Worlds

SC16-Endangered Species Information

SC17-Adventures of Herman the Earthworm

SC18-To the Moon

SC19-Colors of Light

SC20-Simple Machines

Language Arts Cards (LAC)

LAC1-The Main Idea

LAC2-Rules of Usage

LAC3-Rivendell's Drama Page: Sophocles

LAC4-J.R.R Tolkien: A Biographical Sketch

LAC5-Rules of Usage

LAC6-Bridge to Terabitha

LAC7-Visit Miriam-Webster Online

LAC8-Learn Spanish

LAC-9-The Caldecott Medal

LAC10-Big Dog's Grammar

LAC11-Common Errors in English

LAC12-Alcott Web

LAC13-Judy Blume's Official Website

LAC14-Ralph Waldo Emerson

LAC15-Rules for Good Handwriting

LAC16-Hogwarts Online

LAC17-Study Skills

LAC18-Compare and Contrast: Graphic Organizers

LAC19-Jean Craighead George

LAC20-Newberry Medal Home Page